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Welcome To MariopsaBeadingCo




How We Got Here

Hi there! My name is Alexa and for years I have been passionate about all things fashion and accessories, but that is just where my story begins. 

When I was 16 years old, myself and so many other people around me were effected by a major passing of a dear, friend, classmate, daughter, and so much more. Although her name goes on in everyones lives daily, some close to me might know that my symbol to keep her close to me has always been a butterfly. 

But this isn’t because of some cliche butterfly symbol I just thought up. 

Right after my best friends passing, with it being very cold out. I sat outside crying to myself so my parents couldn’t see, asking God for a sign to keep going on... I had never felt a pain like this before and watching so many others around me feeling the same killed me in more ways than one. And from knowing the person who left this Earth so soon... you know she was everyone’s hype-girl and at that point in my life she was honestly the only person who gave little sophomore Lex even an ounce of self-security. 

As I was outside talking to God I looked up from my tears and for a second I swore up and down I saw a butterfly, impossible in the cold and just a few seconds after I asked for a sign to keep going. And that’s how the symbol of the butterfly began. And that’s how the name Mariposa began. It’s my way of keeping her here. 

I have always wanted to open a small business but I also wanted it to mean something, especially since I’m going to school to be in non-profit business... which is completely based on a mission to help. So from this came Mariposa Beading Co. and because of my story and mission, I am pledging that 10% of ALL items bought will be calculated, proven, and donated to CareforCrashVictims. 

I chose this organization to donate to because my friend didn’t get a chance to live her full life because of a car accident... and I want to be able to give money to those effected by accidents similar to have a chance. This business is not only to start a dream of my own but to also live out her name and story in a way that helps others. So here goes. 

Thank you for the love already. 

Love, A 



We do not offer returns or refunds on any of our products due to the fact that we take 10% of all profits and donate directly to charity.

Any sizing mistakes are at the fault of the customer and not the business. 

We offer a fixing service if an item is damaged within 30 days of buying. 

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