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How We Got Here

Hi there! My name is Alexa and I founded MariposaBeadingCo in August of 2021


When I was 16 years old, myself and so many other people around me were effected by a major passing of a dear, friend, classmate, daughter, and so much more. Although her name continues on in our lives daily, those close to me know that my symbol to keep her close to me has always been a butterfly. Thus, creating our name. 


Throughout my time owning this business, I faced many personal hardships alongside mental and physical health challenges which ultimately led me to closing down. Recently, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and it allowed me to regain my vision and passion for why I began the business to begin with... honoring those I love. 

I am so excited to have my small business back up and running, to continue donating to causes that are important to me. 


I have always wanted to open a small business but I also wanted it to mean something, so from this came Mariposa Beading Co.

because of my story, I am pledging that 10% of ALL items bought will be calculated, proven, and donated to vehicle crash relief funds. 


I am also creating a new line dedicated to honoring cancer victims, pledging the line profits to cancer patients and research. 


I do this because my best friend didn’t get a chance to live her full life and I want to be able to give money to those effected by accidents and situations similar to have a chance to. This business is not only fulfilling a dream of my own but to also live out my best friends name and story, while honoring those still with me... in a way that can help others. So here goes. 

All pieces are solid sterling silver or 14k gold filled. Meaning, these pieces will not tarnish. 


All my love,  

Alexa Rose



We do not offer returns or refunds on any of our products. We take 10% of all profits upon purchase confirmation and donate directly to charity. 

Any sizing mistakes are at the fault of the customer and not the business, as sizing directions are posted on our website FAQ section. 

We offer a repair service if an item is damaged, if only at the expense of the business and not the customer, within 30 days of buying. 

*Please note* All items are made to order and require a 5 day processing period before being shipped. 

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