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The Answers You Need

What is 14k gold filled? 

14K gold-filled beads are the highest quality possible before paying for real gold. The layer of gold is 50-100 times thicker than the commonly used metals. Meaning you are getting the most affordable option... and getting the best materials. Win-Win! 

How is the quality?

At MBC, all our jewelry is quality. This means you can wear our jewelry in water and not worry about tarnish. 

However, all jewelry wears with time, even major design houses.


 Cleaning and polishing will do just the trick if your beads begin to look dull! 

How Do I know my size?

We suggest that everyone measure their wrists with a soft tape measure, and go up half a size for best fit. 

6.5" is the average size for a skin fit, 7" is average size for loose fit... but please measure If you can to avoid any sizing issues! 

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